At our office caring for the planet goes hand-in-hand with caring for you and your family. That’s why we use eco-friendly products—from the carpet made from recycled material to the low-VOC paint on the wall to the Sani-Treet Green hospital-grade cleanser to the eco-friendly “goodie bags” you’ll take home —to fit with our practice’s philosophy of dentistry. All of our restorative materials are Mercury and BPA free.  We’ve incorporated advances like digital x-rays that reduce films and eliminate processing chemicals. Digital charts create a virtually paperless office environment, while making our patients more comfortable than ever. Working together, we can make a difference in the world…and that’s a great reason to smile!

We’re gentle on the planet and gentle with our patients. If you’re afraid of shots or you are worried about your visit, please let us know. We promise to be good listeners and offer caring solutions that will put you at ease. Our patients tell us it’s more than the little bonuses like our massaging dental chairs that help them relax, it’s our empathetic, personal approach.

Our philosophy in a nutshell? Going to the dentist should be comfortable, convenient, and make you feel like smiling!